Hey Mom, Dad,,,this is incredible. It’s been only 24 hours since you dropped me off but I am so incredibly full!!

So I was a lil depressed that you left me, especially so close to loosing our Jack. I know you don’t think I liked the guy but he was actually pretty cool. Anyway, I was a bit worried for no reason at all and didn’t feel like eating. I still didn’t feel like eating the next morning either.

As usual, FGM had a solution but it just might cost ya a bit of cash if I don’t eat my Beneful when I get back home. She’s kinda of spoiling me but here is how it happened. So I still didn’t feel like eating this morning but once I caught a whiff of what Charles was eating I started drooling. I waited for him to walk away from his bowl and then I moved in and licked it clean. OMG it was absolutely delish!

When my Godmom saw this she emptied my bowl of the Beneful and gave me some of what Charlie was eating. I just could not get enough of it. Now whenever she goes to the kitchen I’m sitting right outside the borderline waiting for her to give me some more. She’s actually in the kitchen cooking up some more chicken to mix with the Honest Kitchen greens. She treated us to a gourmet meal tonight by adding some fresh Portobello mushrooms, red peppers and kale and doused the entire bowl with fresh chicken broth.

Can I say, I’ve died and gone to heaven. Mom and Dad please let FGM teach you the ways of her kitchen cuz she is really good at it and it’s really not any more trouble than what you already feed me but I swear, I like this much better.

I mean…look at that chicken!!


First Beautiful Day of 2017

Hey Dad, you wouldn’t believe the pack we had today! It was a lot of fun. We played all afternoon behind the War Museum. I inspected all the poops from all the dogs. They are all good doggies. Nano is a bit hyper but he blows off the energy by playing fetch with his Pappa. Charlie is a real grouch if you get in his space. I think FGM still has a lot of work to do on that issue and I’m sure she’ll get him in a good place soon. Kloe is just loving all the attention and she loves the walks the most. Today it felt like you were here with us because we had such a large pack to travel and play with. Love you. Hurry home. xoxox Phian


Three’s Company

Dad we are so sorry about the tragedy in your family this week. Loosing your Mom is very very sad. I wished there was something more we could have done for you but you have to go through this with your human family and we get that. At least we get to spend some time with our Godmom earlier this year. You and her  hugged for a very long time. You both  love each other very much and that is why we love FGM. You never have to worry about us when you are away.  That’s why it’s never stressful for us, well me, to stay with Godmom. Kloe whines for about 15 minutes but then she gets over it and snuggles up with FGM. This time was a bit different though.

Charles is really in charge of that house now. Such a little guy with such an attitude. I suspect a little over comepensation on his part.  He’s scared of me so I don’t have to put up with his attitude but he and Kloe sure butted heads. They both came out of their little snapping match embarrased and on FGM’s shitlist for about an hour. I kinda of giggled and went back to sleep. I’m old and wise enough to know that things will get ironed out in time.

And so into day four and things are pretty chill. We are both happy that Charles can keep up with our long walks. And FGM has a new friend walking with us too. Her name is Addie. She is one of Godmom’s neighbours and she uses these funny sticks to walk with. I kind of like that. If any dog or person tries to mess with us I know Addie will use those sticks for more than just walking. She likes us a lot.


Oh yeah, SQUIRREL moment.


We will be here for another four days. The sun is bright and warm today, FINALLY ! Godmom has promised to take us along the river with Coco and Nano this afternoon so I just might write to you again if I feel like it…I just like to sleep a lot these days. Love you Dad and we miss you very  much. We are thinking of you in this very tough time. xoxoxox

Phian and Kloe

Stella and Meg

Every year my Mummy takes a weekend in the country to retrieve her precious Mustang Convertible from storage.Mum calls her car Stella. Everything must have a name! Her friends store Stella in their garage for the winter. So on this weekend I got to spend the weekend with my Godmom only this time she had a surprise in store for me.

FGM adopted a dog! And it’s a boy! And it’s the same boy I fought with one time at her place. My heart sank when I saw him but FGM insisted that everything would be alright. If she says it’s going to be okay then it is, I trust her.

Surprisingly, Charles was pretty chill this time. Not even one growl or snarl came from his lips. I was impressed and didn’t even mind being on the couch sharing FGM’s lap with him. He is still a little paranoid and possessive of FGM but I’m sure in more time that will get better too. In the meantime, I can expect that suspicious glare from the corner of his eye.


We took a lot of walks as usual. I’m so glad Charles loves and can walk for hours. And of course, as we do every year, we took a pic with Oscar Peterson.

It was a nice quiet weekend. On Easter Monday we were walking down Bank Street and my Mummy appeared out of nowhere and walked with us. That was a special treat for sure and FGM and Mum had a wonderful chat. It’s always good to be surrounded by people who love me. I really wish my Godmother’s roomy would stop calling me one-boob though. HOW RUDE!

Christmas at FGM’s

This is Meg. I landed at Furry Godmom’s on December 21st before “the Mexican Troll” showed up the next day. I was so happy to see her but then she invited another dog into our space. I wasn’t happy with that at all and I let the lil chihuahua named Charles know it right from the start. I put him in his place and let him know that I am queen of the castle…well…princess because we all know that FGM is the Queen.

After Charlie learned his place FGM insisted that we needed to go for a long walk. I’m always up for that but Charlie didn’t look too keen about it. Once we got outside he kept pace with me and I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to show off for my Godmom. Funny thing is, she doesn’t have any favorites and you can tell. She treats us all with the same respect and caring. (she paid me to say that..shhh)

Things were a bit tense when we got back to the house. Charles wouldn’t come near me and I was perfectly fine with that. I took up roost on the couch and he laid at FGM’s feet. I’m a princess, I need a soft place to sit.

All went well the rest of the night but the next day on our morning walk Charles did something that made me question whether he was, a) dumb and oblivious or b) very clever and manipulative. While I was sniffing something on the ground Charles stood in front of me and did the toro manuever. He was so close that he kicked me right in the nose. I snapped up and shook my head in disbelief. I knew I would need to keep an eye on this gringo.

You can’t even imagine how devastated I was to learn that after our walk, Godmom was going to the office. I’m like…waaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? Isn’t it Christmas? Doesn’t everyone have vacation now? Apparently this would be my fate for the next 2 days so I summoned all the energy I could to find a way to live with Charles while she was away. Did she know something I didn’t know? How could she trust us alone after out little tiff?  I decided to trust that she would never put me in danger and found my corner of the couch to watch the Chi from a distance the whole day. He slept by the door, lil baby lala.

By the time the weekend rolled around FGM was in the kitchen most of the day. She still managed to walk us three times a day in between cooking and cleaning. She really never sits down. That’s not always a good thing because I do like some cuddles every now and again. She seemed to sense that by 5pm and gave me a great massage. Ahhhhhhhh

Christmas dinner was pretty cool. A lot of people showed up and to my horror they were all speaking Spanish. I was beginning to think this was a Latino nightmare for me. But everyone loved me and gave me lots of attention. Don’t tell FGM but they dropped quite a few things on the floor and Charles and I had fun seeing who would be the first to get the crumb. She’s not a bad cook but her Arancini sucked big time. I wouldn’t feed that to my worst enemy. I giggled when I saw Charlie get a big chunk of it and spit it out again.

Now that the festivities are all over I’ve been getting a lot more “me” time with FGM. We cuddled in her bed for a nap tonight. She gives such good neck rubs. That’s my magic spot.

I must admit I miss my parents and hope they come home soon. I might even go so far as to say I miss Jack too. (rolling my eyes).



Best of the new year to you all and may you find and Furry Godmother like mine because you would be very loved and cherished. Happy New Year !



Christmas with FGM and Princess Meg

So Mom dropped me off on the 22nd. I really hate when Mom goes away but I am glad she always brings me to my Godmom. She makes me feel safe in no time…..usually. This time was a bit different in that she had this really bitchy white dog staying with her too. She came at me like a bully on a school yard. I was so stunned but I wasn’t going to let her take a piece out of me so we fought for about 30 seconds. FGM hauled this white dog up and away from me instantly. My faith was renewed. I knew she loved me but I question why she likes this white bully. I guess I would have to keep observing and try to see what she sees in her.

We went for a walk right away. I let Meg have it and pretended that it was an accident when I kicked her with my back paw while doing my toro kicks on the snow. I like kicking up snow but I liked connecting with Meg’s nose even more. FGM giggled. Now I knew I was going to be ok.

The next two days were a bit nerve-racking. FGM actually left me and Meg alone in the house while she went to work. I thought she was crazy because who knew what Meg would do to me while I was gone. But, to my surprise she just sat on her throne (the couch) and watched me all day long. She slept when I slept and we just basically ignored each other. And when Godmother came home we showed her how happy we were to see her. I was starting to see the soft side of Meg when she rolled over for a belly rub from FGM. I started to see that Meg loves Godmom as much as I do so she can’t be all that bad.

I don’t think Meg and I will ever be best friends but I can be in the same room with her and I can stand up to her too. Twice Meg tried to eat my food and I chased her away from my bowl. I was stunned when she actually ran from me. I guess this lil Mexican still has it !

Okay…Meg might be cuddle material but we just aren’t there  yet….maybe one year



So FGM decided that I needed to dress up for her Christmas dinner and she put this red bow on me. I wore it all day and thought that was enough but she put it on me again the next day. That was a good thing cuz my mom texted and got to see what horror FGM puts me through, picture proof of the humiliation…..


I’m doing okay and even get to sleep with FGM while Meg sleeps in her bed on the floor. So I won that medal but Meg really is the Princess of the house. I’m anxious for Mom to come home but I am going to miss FGM’s cuddles.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you get to cuddle with your furry loved one for New Year’s Eve too.


The Meg before the storm

So it is supposed to snow tomorrow. I think I’m okay with that. At least I have my wet suit so I can walk for a long time with Furry Godmom. She really has not slowed down on the walking thing. I kinda like that.

We hit the Supreme Court of Canada lawn this morning. She just loves to take pics of me in front of statues. They kinda creep me out but I can give her at least one good photo once in a while. This is me chillin with Louis St. Laurent while children line up on Wellington Street waiting for the Santa Claus Parade to start. I’d rather have lawn and trees to explore than some pasty white guy in a red suit thank you very much.


When we got back to FGM”s house she sat down to make a snood for a local Greyhound named Jeffrey. She says he’s going to look like a goat with the snood on. Seriously? I’d rather wear something that accentuates my adorableness. I hope FGM makes a sweater for me this year finally.


We went for an afternoon stroll, of course and came across this pretty cool mural on the side of what once was Somerset Pizza. This neighborhood is changes fast. I don’t even live in this hood and I recognize the change.


I think it’s supposed to be a new café. I’m not really sure. All I was interested in was getting across the street to Dundonald Park. Godmom doesn’t disappoint. She knows I love the grass and trees. I met a Labrador Retriever, his name escapes me but all I know is her got too friendly too fast and I had to put him in his place. Then FGM got all gaga over him and I continued to sniff the flower bed. She’s such a lush for any dog that comes her way.

When we got home from this walk she went right back to work on the snood. Her roomy Kevin was impressed how she made skeins of yarn and started playing with the ends that she cut off. He thought it was perfectly matched to my wonderful fur. And he was quite right about that. I secretly have a crush on Kevin and I love it whenever he touches me. I would let him get away with a lot of things just to be next to him. He thought I looked good with this lil dread in my ear. I think it looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself.


That Kevy makes me and FGM laugh so much. I can hardly wait to see what he does tomorrow to make us giggle. I have to dash, me and Godmom are going for walk #3 and it’s cool and dark outside…you can really catch good scents in this atmoshphere. Hope Mom and Dad are having a blast at Cherish Cove. Nevermind….I know they are.



I tell ya folks, the most exciting thing that happened at Godmom’s this weekend was this guy…..


That’s Godmom’s new roomie. He’s pretty cool and he was really nice to us. Yup, that was pretty much it all weekend. A lot of walking and a lot of napping. The life of a dog is pretty sweeeeet!

fullsizerender1 img_7048 img_7045

I Kan Play



Hey Mama,

Sorry it took me all this time to sit down and tell you what’s been going on. But, you know me well so you know there hasn’t been much out of routine since you left for the east coast.

I must say that FurryGodmother doesn’t really treat me as good as you do but she’s alright. We’ve been walking a lot. She loves to go around and around the block but for the past two days I’ve been dragging her sorry ass down Bank Street to Somerset. She just keeps sayin, “you go girl” so I keep going. I mean I’m supposed to be obedient right? I like to let her think she’s calling the shots, it’s more fun that way. So we ‘ve had a few adventures up and down Bank but tonight she steered me down Gloucester, up toward Laurier and then back toward Bank where I met the most beautiful Yorkie named Chloe. FGM said she had never seen my tail wag so much ever. That’s cuz Chloe just had a bath and she smelled edible. For serious.

So it’s been nice staying with the Godmom. She’s taking good care of your plants too. Makes me homesick when we go to water the plants but I know you will be home soon. I thought I  would freak out FGM and play with her a bit tonight to the point where she made this video. She’s such a typical Godmother gushy.

Anyway mom, miss you and love you lots. Three more dodos and we are together again. Can’t wait to see you but I am so happy you have FGM so close to home. It makes a big difference to me. xoxox